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June Class Message Board

Please check here weekly for updates, homework assignments & class itinerary


Class day: Tuesday


Live Class start time: 5:30pm PST / 7:30pm CST/ 8:30pm EST

Live Class presentation length: 1 hour

Group Session start time: 6:30pm PST / 8:30pm CST/ 9:30pm EST

Group Session length: 1 hour


Platform: Zoom


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🗓️ Week One

Topic: Getting Mentally Prepared to Date

Date: Tuesday, June 4

Live Lesson Replay: Watch now


>  Complete week #1 worksheets

>  Go out and have fun (and take full-body pics)

>  Check to see if your partner did her assignments

>  Set your reminder for next week's class!

>  Come "camera ready" next week

🗓️ Week Two

Topic: Understanding Men (Part 1)

Date: Tuesday, June 11

Live Lesson Replay: Watch now


> Review your IG page (hookup or wifey material)

> Complete week #2 worksheets

> Go outside and do things that you enjoy (continue exploring 

    new hobbies)

> Take more pics

> Keep leveling up!

     > Continue tackling your checklist

     > Continue doing your daily/weekly tasks

🗓️ Week Three

Topic: Understanding Men (Part 2)

Date: Tuesday, June 18

Live Lesson Replay: Watch Now


> No worksheets (get caught up if you're behind)

> Go out and have fun (and take full-body pics)

🗓️ Week Four

Topic: Femininity (Part 1)

Date: Tuesday, June 25

Live Lesson Replay: 

Print Outs: Week 6 worksheets


> Review week #4 printouts

> Take quiz (linked on page 2) (Which is your dominant energy?)

> Go out and have fun (and take full-body pics)

🗓️ Week Five

Topic: Femininity (Part 2)

Date: Tuesday, July 2

Live Lesson Replay: 


>  Go out and have fun (and take full-body pics)

>  Print worksheets

>  Try walking with a book on your head (take video of it if 

     you're feeling brave. LOL)

🗓️ Week Six

Topic: Dating App Do’s & Don’ts/Secret Flirting Technique

Date: Tuesday, July 9

Live Lesson Replay: 


           >  Complete your dating profile

           >  Edit your IG page

           >  Flirt with 10 men (and email me screenshots)

           >  Continue going out and having fun (and take photos)

🗓️ Week Seven

Topic: Dating App (Profile Review)

Date: Tuesday, July 16

Live Lesson: No live lesson (2 hours of reviewing profiles and assessing flirtations)


> Keep flirting with men

> Come to last class (week #8) camera ready

🗓️ Week Eight

Topic: 10 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid/Qualities to Look for in a Mate

Date: Tuesday, July 23

Live Lesson Replay: 


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