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Four success stories

These beautiful couples all have one thing in common - they found love in my Facebook group.  What started out as a small virtual group of strangers ended up becoming a tight-knit community. We had intense discussions about all things love, dating, sex and relationships and eventually, certain singles began to stand out. One by one, love stories emerged and it was incredible to have a front row seat. ​ The Christmons were the first to tie the knot and melted my heart when they invited me to be a part of their ceremony. (Unfortunately they were on the other side of the country and I had to settle for wedding photos.) ​ Tony & Sia had become friends of mine over the years and as I watched the two fall in love, it felt surreal. Sia and I had supported one another through dating nightmares and to see her find her true love was incredible and encouraging. ​ The Simmons story was particularly special because I was invited to be a part of the surprise proposal (which we shared live via livestream with the entire group) and the wedding itself. ​ Lovell & Jamela flew below the radar for quite a while when I got the news that he popped the question. I was elated to discover that the fourth couple was soon to tie the knot. ​ To this day, I boast about the 8 singles who joined my group and found their other half. I've vowed to recreate the community (off of Facebook) and it's finally time.

Why create this group when there are so many dating apps out there?


I created this online space in an attempt to bring back a crucial element that we've lost in dating that generations past benefitted greatly from - COMMUNITY.

A community is helpful in so many ways. The biggest is that you can observe others before making a move.

You can join discussions and hear their viewpoints on various topics without pressure to make a move.

Our weekly video chats are really amazing because it allows us to discover the temperaments of other members.

Unlike dating apps where you are only going off of a photo and an "about me" blurb our singles are not going into one-on-one convos blind.

Join the community today and make friends, fellow business owners and possibly find the love of your life!

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Community Membership Includes:

Private Groups

(subscription includes access to both groups)

  • Singles (those looking for love)

    • Member profile pages with photos & video options

    • Direct Messages

    • Group Chats

    • Weekly video chats

  • Yonci & Friends (open to all relationship statuses - let's learn together!)

    • Member profile pages with photos & video options

    • Direct Messages

    • Group Chats

    • Livestreams with Yonci


  • Enjoy discussions organized by topic (Love, Dating, Sex, Engagement, Relationships, Divorce, etc.)

  • View forum comments by member and see if you share points of view with other singles.

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