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My Secret Flirting Technique

Learn the flirting technique that helped me stand out amongst all of the other women online. Find out what I did that made my guy immediately interested in me and want to discover more.

Class Length: 1 hour 15 min

Fee: $49

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Sis, You Might Be the Reason You're Still Single

Does it seem like everyone around you is getting boo'd up but you can't seem to get past the first date? With this class, you can determine if (gasp) you are in fact the problem in your dating life.

Class Length: 1 hour 16 min

Fee: $49

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Your feminine energy is one of the most captivating things a man can experience. Learn how to tap into it and become the radiant creature you were designed to be.

Class Length: 1.5 hours

Fee: 49

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The 10 Commandments of Relationships

This class is for women who love their man and want their relationships to not only last but remain strong. There are ten toxic things that women commonly do (when they get too comfortable with a guy) that will erode a relationship slowly over time.

Class Length: 55 min

Fee: $49

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Energetically Attractive

Looks will only get you so far. A man will only connects emotionally and want to commit when he feels amazing around a woman. Her appearance may have caught his eye initially but what makes him is stick around is her magnetically attractive ENERGY. Learn how to move beyond physical attractiveness and learn how to carry yourself in a way that tugs at a man's heart strings.

Class Length: 1 hour 11 min

Fee: $49

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Reciprocity - What men want to receive back while pursuing you

When asked the reason why they lost interest in a woman they were pursuing, the men surveyed almost unanimously said it was due to a lack of reciprocity. So what exactly do men expect from women during the initial stages of dating?? Find out in this class.

Class Length: 1 hour

Fee: $49

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Dating App Do's & Don'ts

Learn what to do and not do when creating a dating app profile. Find out what turns men off and what makes them swipe right!

Class Length: 19 min

Fee: $29

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Dating 101

Course Length: 4.5 hours
50+ printable worksheets


Does this sound familiar?

You meet a guy. Chemistry is incredible.


He’s texting. He’s calling. He’s asking you out.


He’s telling you how amazing you are.


The two of you can’t seem to get enough of each other. but then...

He starts contacting you less and less.

And when you do finally talk on the phone he hardly has time to chat.


Calls turn into texts and eventually you don’t hear from him at all.

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I surveyed a bunch of men and asked them what they LIKED and DISLIKED about first dates. Get the cheat code to impressing him on the first date!
Find out what women are so subconsciously drawn to in the jerks and bad boys and use that information about human nature for good! Learn how to create polarity and sexual tension with the opposite sex.
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Need one-on-one advice?

Simply DM me the word "HELP"
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