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Self Awareness is the new sexy

The gender war thing is so played out. Let's put down our fingers, stop all of the pointing and figure out how we personally are part of the problem and can thus be a part of the solution as well.

For me, I have discovered quite a few unpleasant things about myself and over the past few years have worked hard to course correct and become a more emotionally intelligent person.

If you want to grow and evolve, the best thing you can do first is INQUIRE. Ask those around you who know you the best how. you can improve. (Trust me, they will have an earful to share. LOL)

When we can put our ego/pride aside and receive constructive criticism we are taking the first step in becoming the best version of ourselves... which ultimately leads to the biggest ego boost - acceptance! The very thing that most people desire at their core can be found by being your authentic self in the best form.

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