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Dating 101

Dating 101

Video Length: 4 hours, 30 minutes

50 Printable Worksheets


Are you tired of feeling confused and frustrated by men? Do you struggle to understand their behavior and motivations? Are you ready to take control of your dating life and find the relationship you deserve?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then "Dating 101" is the course for you.


In this 3-part crash course on dating, you'll learn:


The secrets to decoding his behavior and how to unlock the power of your femininity and become the confident, radiant and irresistible woman you were meant to be!


MODULE 1: YOUR MINDSET: Getting Mentally Prepared to Date

  • Building confidence
  • Understanding your role in dating
  • Learning what is reasonable to expect of men
  • Identifying red flags early on


MODULE 2: THE CHEAT CODE: Understanding the Mind of a Man

  • The most common mistakes women make when dating
  • Understand how men are wired & what makes him fall in love
  • How to weed out men who are not serious about you
  • Universal traits that men look for in a partner
  • Universal turnoffs that will send him running
  • How to speak to him in a way that builds an emotional connection
  • What to do (and not do) during the “Discovery Phase”


MODULE 3 – THE POWER OF FEMININITY: Acting and looking like a Feminine Woman

  • What exactly is this God-given superpower and how to tap into it
  • How a feminine woman behaves
  • How a feminine woman presents herself visually


This course is designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly, with printable worksheets and practical exercises that will help you put your new knowledge into practice. And with lifetime access to the course materials, you can revisit the lessons and refresh your skills whenever you need to.


Don't let confusion and frustration hold you back from finding the relationship you deserve. Enroll in Dating 101 today and take control of your dating life!

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