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First Date 101: A Man's Guide to Dating Men

First Date 101: A Man's Guide to Dating Men

So you want to capture the heart of Mr. Right? Well, who better to teach a woman how to date a man, than a man? So that is exactly what I set out to obtain – a man’s perspective on dating. Over the last three years, I solicited advice and feedback from thousands of men in all stages of relationships – single, dating & married - and let me tell you . . . they did not hold back!


These gentlemen granted me insight from their vantage point and broke down every aspect of what they liked and disliked on a first date. I noted which red flags they considered to be “deal- breakers”, while in contrast, discovering what kept them interested in pursuing a second date with a woman.

In my research, I realized that many men shared very similar opinions when it came to first impressions and preferred topics of conversations.


Since I noticed reoccurring themes, I decided to compile it all together into a neat and tidy first date guide book for women. While very straightforward and direct, the following guide is packed full of practical tips. I hope that you find this information to be both enlightening and useful in your journey towards finding love.

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