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Please check here weekly for updates, homework assignments & class itinerary

Class start time: 5:30pm PST / 7:30pm CST/ 8:30pm EST

Class length: Approx one hour.

Platform: Zoom

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🗓️ Week One

Topic: Getting Mentally Prepared to Date WATCH REPLAY

Date: Wednesday, December 13


> What do you truly believe about men? (Workbook page 1)

> Reflection (Workbook page 2)

> Negative Thought Exercise (Workbook page 3)

> Mindfulness (Workbook page 4)

> Affirmation (Workbook page 5)

Group Session: WATCH REPLAY

🗓️ Week Two

Topic: Becoming Your Best Self

Date: Thursday, December 21 **WATCH REPLAY

** There appears to be an issue with the audio. I'm so sorry.



> Level Up (Workbook page 6)

Group Session: WATCH REPLAY

Passcode: ?YSwG8YR

🗓️ Week Three

Topic: Getting Clear on What you Want & Setting Up Your Dating Profile

Date: Thursday, December 28 WATCH REPLAY

Group Session: WATCH REPLAY



> Time to Vet (Workbook page 7)

> Dating App Checklist (Workbook page 8)

> Create dating app profile

> Submit testimonial (from first 3 weeks)

🗓️ Week Four

Topic: Dating App Profile Review - Part 1

Date: Thursday, January 4 Watch now

Homework: Update your dating profile

🗓️ Week Five

Topic: Dating App Profile Review  - Part 2

Date: Thursday, January 11 Watch now

Homework: Flirt with 10 guys (and get screenshots)

                     Make any necessary corrections to your profile

                     Watch "My Secret Flirting Technique"

                     Take photos if you get cute and go out.

🗓️ Week Six

Topic: How to Flirt Online

Date: Thursday, January 18 Watch Group Session

Homework: Flirt with more 10 guys (and get screenshots)

🗓️ Week Seven

Topic: Understanding Men & Dates 1-3. Watch now

Date: Thursday, January 25 

🗓️ Week Eight

Topic: 10 Qualities to look for Watch now

Date: Thursday, February 1

🗓️ Week Nine

Topic: Femininity (Part 1) watch now

Date: Thursday, February 8

🗓️ Week Ten

Topic: Femininity (Part 2) Watch now

Date: Thursday, February 15

🗓️ Week Eleven

Topic: 10 Commandments of Relationships

Date: Thursday, February 29

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