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My journey online started out as a personal quest to get answers that baffled me about men.


Newly separated from my husband of 12 years, I found myself utterly perplexed by the dating scene (somewhere I had never been as I married after just a few months of courting one man.)

In 2015 I created a Facebook profile simply in the hopes of educating myself so I could become more successful in dating. 


As I began to probe and ask questions of strangers, I began to attract the attention of men and women alike who were also looking to learn about the subject matter as well.


I then decided to form a Facebook group where my new FB friends and I developed into a beautiful, tight-knit community. We had incredibly insightful discussions (and a few members even fell in love and got married because of them!)


As my knowledge grew, I continued to share what I had learned.


Two years later I was convinced by a friend to venture into Instagram (which I was totally confused about). Little by little I started to get a grasp of how to use the platform and my content began to gain more exposure.


A social media coach reached out to me encouraged me to continue my teaching but as a professional dating coach, making content full-time and branch out to YouTube. The thought of being so visible publicly terrified me but I decided I was up for the challenge and took the leap of faith. He walked me through the entire process and showed me the steps I needed to take… and the rest is history!​​

I’m so grateful for social media because it has provided me with so many opportunities express myself creatively and teach what I’ve come to learn over my four decades on this earth. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting nation-wide events with my group members, being invited to participate in various speaking engagements, create as well as guest star on podcasts like “Tonight’s Conversations” with Ace Metaphor and “Krew Season” and many more.

I'm looking forward to what the future holds. The sky is the limit!

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