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Till the Wheels Fall Off

Good lawd. If I didn’t have a passion for this I would have thrown in the towel already. Ha Ha

Today I had a rather cringe-worthy moment while walking home from the grocery store. In the middle of the crosswalk my wheel decided to pop off. My cart was too heavy to pick up so I had to scrape it along pavement to get to the curb. All the cars were waiting for me to move. LOL

I had some car trouble a few months back and decided to do without a car until I can save up for the repairs since I can walk to most places. (Thank God!) I really have to be frugal with my money since I am living on savings and I know this is part of the start up journey.

So many people post their successes when they make it but I think more people should post the struggle when it is still currently real. LMBO Pray for me, y’all!! My ego lil was crushed out there in that intersection. 🤣🤣🤣

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😂😭🌺🙏🏽😄 Hi Yonce! This tale is jam packed with delight of everything that makes you human. Thanks for sharing the struggle, now I need that 👕 t-shirt "My Ego Was Crushed at the Intersection"


The front wheels still work. Gotta keep pushing. #finishline

Jun 30, 2021
Replying to

That’s the spirit!!

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