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5 Reasons Why Men Fear Being Vulnerable in Relationships

When women fall in love, most absolutely love the intense feelings they experience in the process. But that same “fall” to most men feels like they are plummeting off a 20-story building headfirst.

For that reason, the feeling of emotional vulnerability required for deep love leads to quite different sensations in women and men.

Why is it such a contrast between the two genders?

That is because for most women (who are operating primarily in their feminine energy) are used to simply receiving, existing or being without worrying about doing. Feminine energy is all about “potential” and “endless possibilities”. The unknown excites them because it allows them to fantasize about the future and create in their head whatever dream they desire to envision.

Men (who are operating predominately in their masculine energy) have a quite different reactions to that same occurrence. What the women experience excitedly as “unlimited potential” feels to them like the looming “fear of the unknown” because masculine energy craves structure and logic and certainty and planning. Well, all of that goes out the window when they are “overcome” by feelings of love and euphoria.

Since the feminine feels most comfortable when it’s allowed to merely “exist”, she doesn’t have to know what's gonna happen ten steps down the road down to feel at ease. Instead, she just enjoys the process and goes with the flow, loving every minute.

In contrast, the man in his masculine energy feels the most calm when he has clear direction and a solid plan that's been mapped out ahead of him.

That feeling that makes her swoon and experience the craved butterfly sensation in her gut feels more like a knot in his. He is experiencing feelings of chaos and confusion. He is tormented by the uncertainty of it all.

To her the rush of emotion is everything she’s been waiting for and she enjoys it like a rollercoaster enthusiast loves the adrenaline rush while going up and down and all around the loop. The poor man on the other hand feels quite differently. He hates the feeling in his belly and is trying to keep down his lunch and anxiously grips the lap bar as he hears the ominous “click click click” of the rollercoaster car inching it’s way up the track.

So ladies, be patient with the man you encounter who is going outside of his comfort zone in opening up to you. Tapping into his feminine energy is daunting. Be extra gentle with him because it can be a very scary thing for him to be head over heels … when he would rather be planted firmly on his feet.

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