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Don't Date Until You Love Yourself

Sounds kind of silly, right? I mean, doesn't everyone love themselves?

The surprising answer is no - at least not in ACTION. Most people think they love themselves, but after taking this test, they quickly realize that they in fact do not show themselves love.

In my latest video, I spoke with dating coach and TikTok sensation Chantal Heide about why it is so important to master self-love before trying to tackle a relationship with someone else.

Here are the six questions you must ask yourself to determine if you ready to date and if it's realistic to expect someone else to love you:

  1. Are you considerate of your physical and emotional well-being?

  2. Do you look after your mind, body and soul on a consistent basis?

  3. Do you show yourself respect and dignity?

  4. Do you take care of your own needs?

  5. Do you show yourself love and kindness on a daily basis?

  6. Do you stand up for yourself when someone is disrespecting you and your boundaries?

Check out the discussion we had on this test and discover how to get to the business of loving yourself today!

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