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Singles Feature

Single and want to be featured on my men’s page?

There are over 870 men and many are single and ready to settle down.

We have already had a few success stories. They have become exclusive and some have even met each other's families.

You never know what could happen if you just take a chance!



You will receive a dedicated post plus a story (which is added to my “Singles” highlight as well for new followers to see later)


Here is how to get your photo featured:

1. Send $45 to $payYonci via CashApp

In the memo you must say “Pic/IG name” (that is the only way I know who the payment is coming from)​

2. Email your photo to

Want me to choose the photo?

If you submit more than one photo and want me to choose, the fee is $55

Want to submit more than one photo?


The fee is $70 if you want to submit (up to) 7 photos and have all posted​

3. For the email you MUST include:

a. “Singles Feature” (in the subject line)

NOTE: I must be able to TAG you and MENTION you (so don’t have those features turned off)


Please double check because many women have it turned on despite this being listed in the instructions and it makes so much extra work for me

b. Type this EXACT phrase into the body of your email so I can copy and paste:


Meet @IG Name

She is AGE, HEIGHT, lives in CITY, STATE and is willing (or unwilling) to relocate. 


She will be at the next ZOOMingle (If you will be at the next ZOOMingle virtual singles event.)


She is a mother of (number of children) OR She does not yet have children but desires to have some. (etc.)

(The men have stated that they would like to know the women’s motherhood status. Feel free to mention if your children are grown.)




Meet @Yonci. 

She is 44, 5’7” and lives in Dallas, TX and is willing to relocate.


She will be at the next ZOOMingle event.

She is a mother to 2 children but doesn’t desire any more. (ages 12 and 20)


4. You will receive an email confirmation once payment is received and photo is posted


Good luck out there!

Increase your chances that he will reach out

If you are curious to know what they look for in a woman’s profile to determine whether or not she’s wifey material, watch my class How Men Judge Your Online Presence

DISCLAIMER: I cannot control how many men reach out to you after being posted. Your payment only guarantees your photo will be posted on the men’s page.

DISCLAIMER: On occasion I may use your submitted photo to promote my men’s page on @ChasingYonci

WARNING: If your page is private, a lot of guys won’t reach out because they want to see your page first. And no, they are not going to send a friend request.

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