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Hear what other women had to say about my Secret Flirting Technique class.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5) 

I recently had the pleasure of attending Yonci’s webinar, and I must say, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I have purchased her ebooks previously but after speaking with her, you can tell she has a heart of Gold. She responds quickly to DMs and works with you in every way to get you what you need. 


Experiencing this webinar compelled me to share my thoughts and write this review. We all need wisdom,  guidance and insight as we get older. I loved that she was Christian based & real. This webinar was worth sowing into my life. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking improvement in their dating life. You can tell Yonci has a  genuine passion for helping women achieve success in their romantic life. Her ability to connect with the audience was evident from the start, making the virtual session feel like an intimate conversation among girlfriends & allowing participants to actively engage in the chat.


One thing that stood out was this webinar didn't solely focus on superficial techniques or tricks; instead, it went deep into understanding oneself and developing authentic connections. She emphasized the importance of self-love, self-awareness, and personal growth as essential foundations for building healthy relationships. This refreshing perspective resonated with me.


The content was well-structured and covered building confidence and overcoming fears to effective communication and understanding men as a whole . The coach shared practical tips and strategies backed by real-life examples, which made it easy to relate and implement the advice in my own dating experiences. 


This  webinar provided valuable resources and recommended further ways to continue our personal growth journey beyond the session. The coach genuinely wanted each participant to succeed, and blessed us with opportunities we couldn't resist at the end .


I can't wait  to see a significant shift in my dating life after attending all her courses. I feel more confident, have a better understanding on how to communicate better with potential partners with a simple authenticity. I wholeheartedly recommend this Yonci and all her ebooks,  courses and webinars to anyone who wishes to enhance their dating skills. Her expertise is  Evident on Instagram but her webinar was truly a worthwhile investment.

- Terri Willis

"The Flirting Techniques webinar was fun and insightful. Yonci was attentive and engaging.  Her 'secret' technique confirmed what I was already thinking I should incorporate in my next chapter of dating. I'm actually looking forward to working with her more as I restart my dating journey.

Yonci's seminar was fun, like talking to a girlfriend that has more experience than you! She gave 'out of the box'  examples of how to connect with men online. Let's keep it light and fun ladies! Here's to dating this summer. 🤩


- D.Lewis

Honestly, this was a reminder that dating and even just how I interact with men doesn't have to be complicated nor should it be. Lauren Hill said it best, "it could all be so simple" haha. As a young single woman, working on myself has been a priority and as I continue to do that but open myself up to dating again, I've learned so much from Yonci! This webinar was just another simple and easy gem that reminds me that one of the best "hacks" to dating is showing up as myself! Thanks Yonci! 

Much appreciated,

- Maya McCray

I really had fun and appreciated the information in the webinar. I plan to use the secrets more in my dating journey. 


- Love Freely

The webinar was so much fun with tons of insight! I got the confirmation I needed on what to do and what my next step would be. Interestingly enough I always wanted to use “the secret” but felt unsure. Yonci provided the confirmation that I needed. It was also great chatting with other women. Yonci truly provides a safe space to be yourself, ask questions and receive valuable information! I also want to add that I used this technique the next day and boom! Matches! I was shook! Lol thank you Yonci! I look forward to the next one!


- LT

I wish that I could have attended this webinar live because Yonci’s interaction with the viewers made it feel like a conversation among friends rather than a presentation. It was fun to hear what other women were saying in addition to the advice that Yonci shared. It’s so easy to feel lost or overthink things if you’re back on the dating scene for the first time in a while like I am - things have really changed! The tips that Yonci shared were a great reminder to fully be yourself and let your personality come out. 


- Jenell

Ladies so I had a one-on-one meeting with Yonci and her energy is 💯🔥🙌🏾❤️ Ya girl gotta a whole class with her!!! She’s the real deal and I love it!!! You’re truly a blessing to us!!❤️🔥

- Miah❤️

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