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Loving Couple

Does this sound familiar?

You meet a guy. Chemistry is incredible.


He’s texting. He’s calling. He’s asking you out.


He’s telling you how amazing you are.


The two of you can’t seem to get enough of each other.

A girl feeling sad

but then...

He starts contacting you less and less.

And when you do finally talk on the phone he hardly has time to chat.


Calls turn into texts and eventually you don’t hear from him at all.

So what the heck happened?

Why the change?

Was it something you said?

Was it something you did?

Did he meet someone else who is now holding his attention?


I know it is so frustrating to have more questions than answers. The story seems to always end the same miserable way -You work so hard to connect with a guy and when you finally do it seems like POOF! ... he's gone.


I know your heart is hurting and you think it would be easier to just throw in the towel and give up on dating altogether because it's so stressful, but deep down you know you want romantic love. You want a man who cherishes and adores you and reassures you that you are all he wants and needs.


Simply put - you don't understand HOW men fall in love. You know how to attract a man initially and catch his eye and so it's easy to get a man on the hook, but you just can't seem to KEEP him there. (Or if he does stick around, it seems like he's just after one thing ... and it ain't your heart.) [insert deep eye roll here]




 It's because you assume that men and women bond in the same way but it's just not the case. When you catch feelings you start doing all of the things that you'd want a man to do.... but it's those very actions that are what is turning him off. What motivates a man to take action is quite different than what motivates a woman. What makes you feel deeply connected and loved can make him feel pressured and uncomfortable. Unintentionally you are pushing away quality men who would have otherwise stayed.


Once you learn what a man needs in a parter, what pulls at his heart strings and what turns him off, things will make a whole lot more sense as you navigate the dating world and you will easily be able to build a deep, emotional bond with the man you desire and fully capture his heart.

The good news is ... I can help you. I've got the cheat codes and all of the answers so you can ace your next dating "test"! I've put together a crash course for women just like you who are 


tired of feeling FRUSTRATED and CONFUSED by men's behavior...

... struggling to understand why they do what they do...

... and are ready to take control of their dating life and find the relationship they deserve...



"Dating 101"

In this 3-part crash course on dating, you'll learn:


  • the secrets to decoding his behavior and

  • how to unlock the power of your femininity and become the confident, radiant and irresistible woman you were meant to be!

         >> 4.5 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION <<

Stressed Woman

Module 1:
Getting Mentally Prepared to Date

  • Build confidence so that you can have the utmost belief in your value and what you bring to the proverbial "table"

  • Unlearn limiting beliefs that have previously caused you to self-sabotage potential relationships

  • Understand your feminine role in dating so you know exactly what to do (and not do) when you encounter the man of your dreams

  • Determine what you need in a partner & discover how to objectively assess past dates

  • Learn what is reasonable to expect of men so that you can quickly weed out men who are not serious about you and avoid wasting your precious time & experiencing unnecessary pain

  • Identify red flags early on so you don't get taken advantage of by the ill-intentioned "boys" masquerading as men

Dry Woods

Module 2:
Understanding the Mind of a Man

  • ​Avoid the most common mistakes women make so that you don't unintentionally run the next great guy off like you may have done to some your qualified suitors in the past

  • Understand how men are wired so you can do the things that will have your crush falling head-over-heels in love

  • Develop the universally attractive traits that men look for in a longterm partner so you can have men eating out of the palm of your hand

  • Learn the type of communication that builds an emotional connection that will take him beyond the shallow physical attraction that can't sustain a relationship

  • Get clear on what to do (and not do) during the incredibly crucial “Discovery Phase” so you can wow him on the first date and leave him begging for more

Silver Rhinestone High Heels

Module 3
Acting and Looking Like a Feminine Woman

  • Understand what your God-given superpower is and how to tap into it so you can effortlessly and magnetically attract a mate with strong, masculine energy

  • Learn feminine mannerisms & social etiquette

  • Discover how to visually present yourself to the world in a way that says "I am a sophisticated woman who should be treated with class"

Everything you need!

This course is designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly, with printable worksheets and practical exercises that will help you put your new knowledge into practice. And with lifetime access to the course materials, you can revisit the lessons and refresh your skills whenever you need to.

Hear what past students had to say:

Student Testimonial

"I thought it was very informative. I dread dating so this will help me remember some key points and what to look out for when I jump back into the dating pool."

Take control of your dating life!

Don't let confusion and frustration hold you back from finding the relationship you deserve. Enroll in Dating 101 today and take control of your dating life!

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